Effortless Equipment

Providing you with everything you need to offer perfectly crafted coffee.

We take care of the equipment, managing every aspect, from install, training, and regular servicing, so you can focus on delivering a fantastic experience to every customer.

What We Do


The equipment you use, and how well it is maintained, play a huge role in the quality of your coffee, and your speed of service.

We work with manufacturers who have a track record of producing equipment to the highest standards, focusing on functionality and reliability.


The most common cause of equipment failures are down to either a poor cleaning and care process, or the lack of a good service plan.

We work closely with you, carrying out regular health-check visits, annual servicing and certification, keeping the equipment at optimal performance, as well as providing training for your team.


It is important that we have a close relationship, primarily so that your coffee tastes amazing and every customers has an amazing experience, but also for a deeper understanding.

many coffee shops know everything about the coffee beans, where they are grown, roast date, the perfect brew ratio, but without a full understanding of the equipment, you will not be getting the most out of your coffee.

About us

I have worked in coffee for many years, and have had many different roles, and dealt with a wide range of challenges, from head barista, to managing multi site mobilizations, so have a broad knowledge and network, it’s now time to follow my passion, providing a total solution that elevates your coffee, effortlessly!

  • Elevate your offer
  • master your craft
  • Speed up service
  • Increase sales
  • Gain confidence

“Excellent Service”

Phil was first class. The machine is a dream, and my milk steaming is now on another level! I’ve never made such great coffee!

James – Coffee Can Hursley

“Love the equipment”

I was really happy with the quality of the equipment, and how it looks on my counter, so many customers noticed the upgrade and commented on the coffee!

Nick – High Wycombe

“Fantastic training”

Phil was great and gave us some fantastic tips on making latte art that didn’t resemble a blob! we laughed the whole time, and we now argue over who gets to make the coffee.

Michelle & Conrad – Rickmansworth