Say no to the paddle grinder!

It always saddens me to see a paddle grinder being used as a coffee solution, don’t get me wrong, I know that in many cases a paddle grinder is the perfect solution, and mightily efficient, for example, a coffee shop that is busy all day long with no respite from customers demanding their sweet hit of caffeine.

My sadness comes when I visit a location that want to pick up some of the local trade for coffees, so are marketing themselves really well, have a great team front of house who are engaging, and give every customer a warm welcome, but will be let down by the product quality, this is also no judgment on the coffee beans, but the fact that there can be 200g+ of ground coffee, that’s been sitting there in worst case scenarios, from the afternoon the day before, the quality of coffee in the cup will always suffer in this situation.

Let’s elevate your offer!

Shall we start with the grinder?

We specialise in fully managed equipment solutions for any location serving coffee, our total solution includes the coffee machine, and everything else you need to produce exceptional coffee, this includes servicing, regular health checks, and a commitment to work with your team so that coffee becomes a pleasure to craft, and your team are confident with every aspect of consistently blowing your customers away!

That being said, we love to feel like we are making a difference, and seeing an obvious improvement in the efficiency of the barista, and the quality of the coffee being served to every one of your customers is a great place to start, we are able to provide an on demand grinder, from £25 per month, that is built to last, and easy to use and set up.

The monthly rental covers you for everything you need, on delivery, the grinder will be set to your recipe, and your team will be trained on how to use it, and adjust the grind, you will taste the difference immediately. Also covered in the rental is a full health check and recalibration twice per year, and replacement burrs/blades annually, so you can be confident that your coffee tastes amazing every time.