Why rent and how much will it cost?

The safest option in many cases is to rent but why?

Initial costs – setting up a coffee shop, or adding a coffee offer to your current business can be costly before you’ve even sold your first coffee, we offer rentals for a low monthly cost, as well as starting from 12 months, meaning you can start up with a much smaller investment.

Insight – I have seen a number of occasions where equipment is purchased and isn’t quite right for the location, whether that’s a machine that’s too small for the demand, or a machine that’s far too powerful for what is required, the equipment may have cost thousands of pounds, so you may need to continue using this solution for a number of years.

Peace of mind – We offer rental equipment from a 12 month contract, so that you are able to not only reduce your start up costs, but also, you can monitor your sales over the course of the year and be totally confident that you have the best solution for you.

cost of upkeep – your coffee machine needs regular servicing and maintenance to keep it in prime condition, as well as the occasional engineer visit if something goes wrong, when you own the equipment, you will need to arrange the servicing, monitor the water filter, and make sure your boiler is legally compliant with pressure regulations. Our rental solutions are all inclusive, so regular health checks, water filtration, servicing, and maintenance are all covered, so you have no additional costs, and only one number to call if you need us.

What’s included? – We aim to make sure the whole process is as effortless as possible, so our rental agreements are a low monthly cost and include;

  • install and training – your team will be taken through how the equipment works, how to make adjustments, and how to clean the equipment, so your equipment is always in tip-top condition, and serving amazing coffee.
  • Cleaning products – A clean and well maintained machine is an efficient machine, everybody benefits when a machine is well looked after, so we provide you with all of the cleaning chemicals and tools you need throughout the rental term, with no additional charges.
  • Water filtration – water makes up a large percentage of your coffee, so it is very important that any impurities are removed from the water, so that all of the flavour comes from the coffee beans, and not contaminants in the water. Limescale is one of the top causes of equipment failure, so we provide the filter and replacement cartridges, at no additional cost.
  • regular health checks – we will visit you at least twice per year to grab a coffee and give the equipment a tune up, on these visits we will make sure your coffee is set perfectly and your team are fully trained, as well as making sure everything is running as it should be.
  • Reactive call outs – Unfortunately, there will be occasions where a machine can fail, there are no additional costs if you do need an engineer to visit you, so labour costs, replacement parts etc. are included in the rental agreement.

Pricing – We tailor our service based on your needs, a very busy coffee shop will have different needs to a local bakery adding coffee as an addition to their core business, so we will need to know what standard of coffee you want to serve and the number of coffee’s you’ll be serving per day, but to give an idea of pricing please see the below examples;

  • 1 group coffee machine with on demand grinder, knock out drawer, and barista kit: £145+VAT per month with a 12 month agreement.
  • 2 group compact coffee machine on demand grinder, knock out drawer, and barista kit: £160+VAT per month with a 12 month agreement.

Want to know more? – Please download our guide below, we are always excited to talk coffee, so feel free to drop us an email or give us a call if you would like to know more about what we do, and how we can help elevate your coffee offer.